Day two!

It was another awesome day.  So much was going on it will be hard to touch on it all.

Some of the team did a VBS for the kids.  I was busy hiring a stamper / rammer to compact the dirt in preparation for pouring the slab so I didn’t get to join the team doing the VBS for the kids.  But they told the story of Daniel to the kids and then taught them a few songs and did a simple craft.  This broke through the shyness so much so that the kids didn’t want to go home after school!

Others worked on the foundation.  I am so impressed at how much work has been done and also how many parents and community members have come to help.  We had about 40 parents and community members at the work-site today.  That is incredible!  The teams enthusiasm and love are very contagious.

da guys

The foundation at the end of Wednesday, our first work day.

Some of the team laid blocks, other's filled the holes in the blocks with concrete. Others still were filling in the foudnation with dirt.

We hired (rented) a dirt compactor to compact the dirt after we filled it in the foundation.

Lee was a master rammer!

Amber. She may be tiny, but she is mighty!

lunch time! PBJ sandwiches..yum!

Our master brick layer!

One of the students watering his part of the garden. The children are all working to grow food that will be served with their lunch.

3 thoughts on “Day two!

  1. oh!! I love the pictures!! This is so wonderful! Thank for keeping us updated!! :) :)

  2. Hi Chris. I’m Michael’s mom. Thank you so much for sharing news and posting pictures of the McNeese Wesley mission team and their time there in Swaziland. It is a blessing to us to be able to keep up with them while they’ll away, through your blog. There are many people here praying for y’all. Please give them all our love and tell them we’re forwarding messages from them to the other parents as we get them. God’s riches blessings to you all–

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