Saturday, May 22nd

Today was not really a day of rest, but we didn’t have to get up and eat breakfast at 6:00 am.  We met the youth from St. Paul’s about 10:00 am.  From St Paul’s, we went to Matspha and joined the youth from there.  After a quick introduction, a prayer and a song we left for Mlilwane Game Reserve in Swaziland.

At the entry gate to Mlilwane Game Reserve

Zebras by the side of the road. We also saw wharthog, impala (antelope), wildebeast, crocodile, hippos at a distance and several birds

da girls

da boys

We all sat in a circle to discuss the topic of homosexuality and what the response should be by the Methodist Church in Swaziland. Up until now, this topic was not discussed openly.

After the discussion, many played games while others watched and rested. In this picture David is trying to eat the apple off the plastic strip it is tied to. The person who ate it all first won. David came in a close second.

One of the games played was called play, play, run! It is their version of "duck, duck, goose!

more "play, play, run!"

Morgan, Mthokoman, Amber ran up to see what they could see from that rock.

Mthokoman, Sceillo, Morgan, Amber

On the foot path to Execution Peak

We all made it to the top. This rock at the top of the mountain got it's name because before Swaziland had prisons, the King's warriors would march those condemned to death up this mountain and rock prompting them forward with the tips of their spears. They would then "encourage" the condemned person to jump.

The beautiful African Sunset guiding us back to our vehicles. Everyone that this hike was their favorite part of the day.

3 thoughts on “Saturday, May 22nd

  1. Wow — that sunset *is* beautiful! :) I hope your team continues to enjoy their time there — I know they will. Life back ‘home’ will seem so “different” when they’re back.

  2. What great pictures! It is such a treasure to be able to see what they are doing on a daily basis. Thanks for posting on the blog.

  3. I have enjoyed reading your stories and seeing your pictures. What a wonderful oppertunity God has given each one of you to share with another brother and sister in Christ. May this experience enrich your lives and those you have touched. Let your lamp shine for each one you meet.
    May God bless you all and keep you and continue to enable you to do His work for His glory.

    In Christ

    Janelle Williams

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