Sunday, May 23

We started today by worshiping with the small congregation of Lomngeletjane Methodist Church.  They use one of the classrooms for worship.  Most of the service was in Siswati (the language of Swaziland) but the preacher for the day did use English for most of her sermon.  After church we were fed a delicious lunch and then we divided into four teams and each team visited a homestead.  Each homestead had a gogo (grandmother) living there and in some cases there was only the gogo and one or more grandchild living on the homestead.  Here area  few pictures from the day:

Singing for our supper! Everyone love the singing and especially the guitar.

Food parcels given to each family. Each parcel contained mealie meal (ground corn), sugar beans, peanuts (used in cooking for protein), sugar, tea, candles, matches, a long bar of laundry/body soap and a blanket for the gogo.

Gogo Maseko had 4 sons and a daughter. All four sons have passed away. The daughter is now working in South Africa. The children who stay with this gogo are the children of one or more of her deceased sons.

Gogo Nhlobetsi stays with her unemployed son and daughter-in-law as well as several grandchildren.

5 thoughts on “Sunday, May 23

  1. Such wonderful work you do there. I talked to Morgan today and he is loving every minute of his experience there! Tell the group hello, we love them and continue keeping you all in our prayers.


  2. I ditto what Kathy says! First thing I do each morning is log on to see what has gone on since yesterday.

    Please tell Morgan and the whole group I said “Hey!” from Moss Bluff …I have never seen Morgan smile so much…I know he is enjoying his work and play.

  3. Amazing work! It makes me very happy to see Morgan in the photos. I was his junior high Sunday School teacher and I am proud of the man he has become.

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