Monday, May 24th

This morning was a bright, cool, crisp autumn morning.  (Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are going into winter.)  We all had a great time over the weekend, but we had a bit of a hard time getting going this morning.   This week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning a few members of the team will be giving a short devotion to the kids at St. Paul’s Methodist High School.  As normal our schedule didn’t go off quite as planned, but it all worked out for the good.  I am amazed at how flexible this team can be.  It is amazing and very welcomed.

Students at St. Paul's Methodist High School gathered for their morning assembly before the start of the school day. The enrollment at this school is approximately 535.

David talking to the kids while the head teacher, Bobby, Kat and Morgan give their moral support.

Today the teacher's went to a workshop so there wasn't school. However, several students showed up to "help" with the building. The team had fun working with them and the kids had fun being with the team.

We had 200 more blocks delivered today. Another 200 should be delivered tomorrow. It's exciting because these blocks will be used to start the walls.

Carley, Lee and Kat making PBJ sandwiches for lunch again. They made approximately 100 sandwiches to feed about 60 people. They did a terrific job.

Putting sand down on the compacted dirt for the first classroom. Tomorrow they will pour the slab!

We finally got the stamper machine this afternoon. It is a new, lighter model. The dirt foundation for the last two classrooms will be compacted tomorrow.

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  1. Love the pictures! So fun to see the school and it’s progress. Missing Swaziland and it is hard to believe that is has been a year since we were there. How great that you have so many parent volunteers–good work. What happened to John? Love to you, Jeri

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