Together again

After yesterday’s day apart, the team was together again at Lomngeletjane and they worked like a well oiled machine.  Male, female and the youngest on the team all worked side by side.  They are absolutely amazing.

The day started with the devotional for the St. Paul's Methodist High School students. Martha led the devotional today.

We were joined today by Jon and Lisa Lord from New Orleans. They are doing a pulpit swap with a Pastor from South Africa and decided to come to Swaziland to work with the team. In this picture Jon is giving the head teacher (Busisiwe Mndzebele) a bible from the Gideons.

VBS for grade one. Today the children were decorating crosses.

Starting to mix the first massive amount of concrete to start the slab on classroom number 3.

Starting to pour slab number 3.

Notice that a female (Martha) is actually pouring the concrete! Today they took their turns mixing the cement and then pushing wheelbarrows full of cement to the slab area. Guys and gals worked alongside each other. It is the norm in the US, but beyond their imagination in Swaziland. The builder, Sipho Mkhonta, even thanked the women for the good job they were doing! (...and the walls came tumbling down.)

The slab for the 3rd classroom is now finished! Amazing.

Nurse Kat with a little boy who fell and cut his lip and his cheek. When I saw him, he was sitting on the dirt crying and all I could see was blood coming from his mouth mingled with tears, mucas from a very yuky nose and saliva. I couldn't tell if he was spitting up the blood or if he was cut somewhere. So I took him to the water tank to rinse off his face and mouth to see where the blood was coming from and discovered the cut on his cheek. Kat came to our rescue and dried off his wounds and put a bandaid on the cut.

My day didn’t go as planned (as usual).  The generator I rented yesterday to run the pump to get the water from the bore hole didn’t work.  After we got that fixed we found that the burglar bars on the pump house where broken.  We think that the weld just gave out.   So we had to find a welder in the area, which we did, and then we drove to his homestead to get an estimate of how much he would fix the door and then brought him back to Lomngeletjane to fix the burglar bars.

But the good news is, that once the generator was fixed and the team was done using the water as it was being pumped up from the bore hole to mix the cement, we were able to start filling all 4 water tanks.  This is a temporary solution to the water issue until the head teacher can wade through the lines to get Swazi Electric to come out and given them an estimate to move the electrical box to one of the classrooms where it should be more secure.