We had another great day.  The day started cool, bright and sunny.  Everyone was eager to get the slab for the last classroom poured.

Stirring the concrete into the river sand getting ready to pour the slab of the last classroom.

Then filling 50 wheelbarrows full of crushed stone to mix in with the river sand and concrete.

Laying the "damp proof" plastic over the compacted dirt topped with river sand.

And finally mixing water and crushed stone in with the concrete-sand mixture.

Then they poured the cement onto the plastic.  Unfortunately, the concrete that was supposed to be delivered first thing in the morning hadn’t arrived by 12:30 and they ran out of concrete about 1 square yard from being finished.  The concrete didn’t arrive until almost 3:00.  They took the disappointment very well.

Rev Angela has been helping the mothers take the maize (corn) off of the cob. One of the Swazi mothers, Rose, took a little break to show her how to dance for the King!

The team sang with the kids and then for the kids before they left school for the weekend. The kids watched our every move and tried to imitate everything we did and sang. For me, it was so touching to watch the joy on the faces of some of the kids that I have watched learn and grow for almost three years. It was the high for my day.

Finally, the cement arrived and the team had to unload the truck. By now, they are so tired of looking at, shoveling and moving cement. It is a good thing we now have two days off.

Sunset from the balcony of the Madonsa Guest House where the team is staying.

One small problem...We have a slight rivalry going on..OU versus UT. Oh no. Guess we have to duke it out.

But we can't stay bitter enemies. How could anyone NOT adore tiny but mighty Amber even if she is a OU fan???

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  1. THanks Chris for keeping us so well informed! Tell the crew I miss them and continue to look forward to all the news about them. I forgot to give Angela my souvenir money but tell her to get me something and of course I will pay her back…if she has enough money. :)
    Love Miss Laurie

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