Pics from my birthday celebration

I had an awesome big “60” birthday thanks to all the calls, cards, text messages, facebook messages, presents and because of Jodi, Maurias and baby Emi who opened their house to our team and cooked an awesome Mexican dinner for my birthday! And to Jacci who baked a wonderful chocolate cake!  I was truly blessed and wrapped in love all day long.  Yebo, Gracias, Siyabonga and Thank you to all.

Several have asked that I put some pictures from my big birthday on my blog so here they are:

This team just made me laugh; especially Michael. He reminded me a lot of my son, Scott. I love everyone of them!

Michael and I posing for a pic.

Michael and I with our serious, angry, don't mess with me faces. Scared? I'm not sure why we were doing this, probably just to see if we could!

Some of the team helping me open my gifts. What a perfect way to celebrate a birthday - surrounded by love with friends who are just like family. But to make it even better, both of my sons called me on my birthday so I got to share the day with them as well! Praise God!

Me opening up one of my gifts from the States. This one had my bathing suit in it which I had left in Austin, so I had to look carefully to see what else I might find!

Jodi, Emi and Maurias, our hosts. Have you ever seen a happier baby? She is just a doll. Love and a huge thank you for making my day so special.

And finally Jodi and my dear sister in Christ, Jacci lighting the candles on my birthday cake. I'm not so sure about the look on my face. I must have been wondering how many candles they were really going to put on the cake!

So now the question is:  Now that I’ve reached this age, do I have to grow up?  I’m hoping not because I’m not sure I can.  There’s too much life to enjoy and I can’t wait to see what else the Lord has planned for my life.