Progress at Lomngeletjane

I went up to Lomngeletjane today to see how things are going.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see that we have walls for all 4 classrooms up to window sill height!  Yebo!  The walls should be completed in two or three weeks if we don’t have any delays such as the blocks not being delivered as promised.

The not so good news is, at this point I don’t have enough funds to finish the building.  The walls will be completed, but not much past that.  We’re taking things one step at a time and relying totally on faith.  When the walls are up the head teacher can apply for a Micro Project grant from the European Union to finish the roof.  However, we don’t know how long that could take.  In addition I’m told that in all probability we will loose our builder because he will have to take on another job while we wait to see if we will get the grant for the roof.  I’m also told that the Micro Project will want to get three new estimates and choose their own builder.  Sipho is a very meticulous builder and a compassionate Christian.  It would be a real shame to loose him, but an even bigger shame to not be able to finish the school before the new school year starts next January.

Sipho is filling the u-blocks with concrete. U-blocks are used underneath where the window frame will go to prevent the wall from cracking due to the weight of the frame. This is the first building at Lomngeletjane that has been built using u-blocks under the windows. I never heard of u-blocks until last week. I learn something new with each building that we do.