The walls are almost up at Lomngeletjane!

The walls are almost up to the top of the window level at Lomngeletjane.  One more day’s work  and the “block work” should be finished.  Then comes what they call the ring beam.  It is a combination of block and cement work up to where the roof will attach.   Reinforcement bars (we know it as re-bar) and a metal flange is put in the concrete and it will actually be used to  secure the framing for the roof to the structure.  After that the block work will be done up to the gables (the peak of the where the roof will be.)  That should be done in about two weeks.

The walls are almost finished!

Make (pronounced “maa gay”, the term for mother) Busisiwe Mndzebele, the head teacher, is going to go to the Regional Education Officer next week to ask them to come look at the building and then write a letter recommending that Micro Project, funded by the European Union, give Lomngeletjane a grant to provide the roofing and windows.  There is a good chance that we will receive that grant.  The question is how long it will take and if we (I) can be patient.  Busisiwe told me that there is also a chance that they may provide the majority of the rest of the building materials to finish the building because we have done so much!  I gave her a list of the materials we need to finish the school and I printed out several of the pictures of the progress of this building, including pictures of the parents and community members working along with the McNeese team to do the foundation and slab.  She thinks that will help secure the grant.

Once again I am praising God for Busisiwe.  She is such a blessing for that school.  I am also thankful for the McNeese team, the parents and community members that came and worked so hard with the McNeese team, for Sipho our builder (he is fantastic) and for the donations from all of you so that we have been able to get this far on this building.  I don’t have a problem asking for funds from the European Union.  I am in favor of partnerships and if this works, then hopefully we can move on to the next project sooner than anticipated.  I think this will also give the parents and community more of a sense of ownership because they have worked to help finish this building.  So, please say a little prayer that we will get the grant and that it will come quickly so we won’t loose our builder.