Sunday’s blessing: Nonjabulo

Most of today was a good quiet day.  It started with the Sunday School at St. Paul’s.  I’m helping a woman with a small Sunday School class of about 10 – 12 students ranging from age 4 to about 14.  She just started it this year and it’s been a bit of a challenge.  We never know when the kids will be excused from church so we never know if we will have 10 minutes with them or 40 minutes.  But today we had about 30 minutes with them which was awesome.   Afterwards I came home and worked on activities for next week’s lessons.  Amazing..I actually did it a week ahead of time!

Then I got a phone call to meet with someone and the meeting was a bit upsetting.  At one point during the meeting I actually thought “What am I doing in Swaziland?” and asked God if this was his answer to my prayers about how long He wants me here.  (He didn’t answer me….again.)

When we ended the meeting, I drove to Thini’s house to pick up some bead work I ordered from her.  When I drove up I saw this little girl peaking around the open door to the house.  It was Nonjabulo!  If you have been reading my blog you will remember that it was just about a year ago that Nonjabulo was very sick in the hospital and we weren’t sure if she was going to live.   She had TB and is HIV+ and the medications for both of the diseases was more than her little 6 month old body could endure.  Today she is a happy and healthy 18 month old little girl.  Yes, she is still HIV+, but with proper care, nutrition and medication she can live a normal, healthy long life.

Nonjabulo shyly walking over to us.

Nonjabulo wandering off to play with a stick. She kept looking back at us with the cutest smile.

This was Nonjabulo walking down the driveway so proud of herself for getting away. She is just so precious.

Seeing Nonjabulo was truly a gift from God at a time I needed it.  I couldn’t help but praise God that she is alive, doing so well and that He let me be a part of this miracle.  Thank you God for following up a difficult time when I was ready to give up with the most precious and sweet time with this little girl and her gogo Thini.

Thini sitting outside on a grass mat doing her bead work. She is dressed in more traditional attire. Thini sells her bead work to help her support her grandchildren and pay their school fees.

Epilogue:  On my way home, walking from the church where I park my car to my flat I have to walk on a rather rough dirt path between the school and some gardens that a couple of teachers have planted.  It was twilight – not quite pitch dark.  I’m walking rather quickly in my sandals (as always) but watching where I am stepping so I won’t trip or fall.  All of a sudden I saw a 3 to 4 foot long snake slither away from me into the garden area.  I did a little half scream and kind of jumped away from it.  While I was jumping I was recalling a conversation we had during Sunday School about standing still when we see a snake so that it will go away.  It might seem like a strange conversation to have at Sunday School but we were talking about the ten commandments; the one about though shall not kill/murder.  And kids being kids (especially boys) they wanted to know if killing a snake was considered a sin.  Lord, have mercy on me!