Back in the US for awhile.

I am sitting in the Washington Dulles airport trying to come to grips with where I’ve been, where I am, where I am going, and why.  Right now everything seems to be a blur and it doesn’ t help that my keyboard is all of a sudden refusing to keep up with me while I type and is throwing a bunch of extra letters in when it feels like it!  These last couple of months have gone by at warp speed.  So much has happened that at times I couldn’t mentally or physically keep up with things.  My mind has been going in a million directions all at one time.  Thoko and I definitely were not operating on African time or speed!

A glimpse of my schedule over the last couple months shows measuring kids from three schools for uniforms, them purchasing them and trying to deliver them by the middle of July.   We didn’t quite achieve this goal, but we did deliver 90% of the uniforms before July 19th.  Well over 150 children received all or parts of a uniform.   Lomngeletjane was dedicated on July 19th and on July 23, Mahlatsini Methodist Church was dedicated.  As soon as the dedication was over I left to join a team from Drops of Grace, Round Rock, TX  in Malawi for 2 weeks of mission work there which was AWESOME and so very God-filled.  A few days after returning to Swaziland a team of Methodist Women from California came to Swaziland to do Vacation Bible School up at Lomngeletjane.   A few days after they left the house that the District Manyano was building for Mthokozisi and his sisters was dedicated.  A few days after the dedication I left to return to Round Rock.  Whew!

In between these events Thoko and I were busy running up and down to make sure these projects were finished in time for the dedications and that many details were taken care of.   The good thing about all of this is that I didn’t have time to really think about the fact that I was leaving.  There would be times I would think ‘This is the last time I will_____ …” and start to get teary eyed, and then I’d have to deal with whatever needed my attention in the moment so I didn’t have time to dwell on how much I was going to miss those special people in Swaziland.  There were a few people and children I didn’t get to see one more time before leaving but maybe it was God’s plan because I could not have stopped myself from crying my eyes out.  So instead, the focus over the last few months has really been on all of God’s blessings:  The children that are alive and healthy today, the families that have been reunited, the projects that have been completed, the smiles on the children’ faces when they’d see me or when they received a new uniform.  I have been so blessed to be a part of such things.   I still don’t understand why God picked me to receive all these blessings, but I thank Him that he never gave up on me and that he chose me to be His son’s hands and feet.  I’m even more grateful that the Holy Spirit prompted me to say yes five years ago.

So, for now, I’m going to focus on getting some much needed rest and spending time with my family, friends and with my God.  I am looking forward to spending time in his wonderful creation and breathing in the fresh air.  I will enjoy every moment  I sleep in my quiet bedroom on my big comfortable bed.  And after I’ve had a little time to rest and process some of the things that have happened this year, I will share those events and blessings on my blog.  So, don’t stop reading.  I have many stories to tell.  I just have to be still for awhile and give myself some time to get them all out.

I thank you all for your love and support over these last four years.  Your prayers have definitely been felt and helped me get through some very challenging moments.  Please continue to pray for the work we will continue to be doing in Swaziland.  Please pray especially for Thoko to have the confidence and strength to carry on what we have been doing even though I am not physically there to assist her.