Here’s a glossary of commonly used terminology, Siswati words and acronyms that are commonly used in Swaziland and therefore in the blogs.  If you encounter a word in the blogs that you don’t know what it means submit a comment or drop Chris a note and she will add it to this list!

ARVs – AntiRetroViral – medications used for the treatment of HIV.

Babe – Siswati for father.  Pronounced bahbay.

Bakkie – pick up truck

gogo – Siswati for grandmother

Head Teacher – the principal of a school

Kombi – a van (bigger than a mini van but generally not as big as a 15-passenger van) which transports people for a fee on pre-determined routes.

Lutsandvo Lwa Krestu – means for the love of Jesus.  This is a project initially funded out of Action for Children from the UK.  I have been managing this project since coming to Swaziland in 2007.  This is a project of the Central Circuit of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.  The main purpose is to help vulnerable children that are HIV+ or at risk of becoming HIV+ get proper medical care and assist them with things such as school fees or school uniforms.  There are 9 people working with this project.  Everyone works as a volunteer, getting only their transport costs reimbursed.

make – Siswati for mother.  pronounced mahgay.

Manyano – The Methodist women’s group.  Manyano means unity.

MCSA – Methodist Church of Southern Africa

mkulu – Siswati for grandfather

OVC – Orphaned and/or Vulnerable Children

RFM – Raleigh Fritkin Memorial (Hospital).  The main hospital /clinic in Manzini.

SAMVIM – South Africa Methodist Volunteers in Mission

Society – a congregation of the MCSA

TIA – This is Africa!

TIS – This is Swaziland!

UMVIM – United Methodist Volunteer in Mission

yebo – yes