Our Kids

One Child at a Time, One Heart at a Time is currently assisting 18 high school students and one vocational education student with school fees, school supplies, school uniforms and/or bus fare to and from school.  Without our assistance these children would not be able to go to and/or finish high school.  Without our financial assistance, these children would have no hope of making a decent living.  However, One Child at a Time, One Heart at a Time isn’t just about financial support.  It is also about having an on-going relationship with the child, their family and their teachers so that we can all work together to meet the child’s needs.  In addition, our goal is for the child and their family to know that we love and care about them in a very personal way. 

We also assist 4 kids in primary school and one of our kids finished high school in December of 2012.

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