2015 Bongani 2 per

 Bongani is 20 years old and in 11th grade.  We first met Bongani in 2008 when we were asked to provide medical assistance for one of his younger siblings.  Bongani is the oldest of 5 siblings. His mother has passed away and his father tries to find jobs but they often take him away from his children for long stretches of time.  Bongani was at the top of his class when he finished 7th grade.  There was no money for him to go on to High School.  There was no hope for a future for him. Bongani has potential but his family, living and community environment does not encourage or support him.  When I first met him he was very quiet, rarely smiled or looked you in the eye.  He has opened up over the years and now gives us hugs, looks at us in the eye and communicates very well with us.  He has very good English skills.  His dream is to finish High School and be a scientist or engineer.

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