2015 Bongiswa 2 per

Bongiswa is 19 years old and just started his first year at the University of Swaziland!  We met this young man and his family in 2011 but we didn’t pick Bongiswa up until 2013. He was in 12th grade  and his father was unable to pay his school fees so he could finish high school.  One’s first impression when you meet this young man is that he is very bright, optimistic, and serious about getting a good education so he and his family can have a better life. Because of his work ethic and honesty we decided to take a chance on this young man and after he finished high school we helped him “upgrade” a couple of his high school courses so he could retake the test on those subjects and apply to University and other post high school education programs. 

Bongiswa is the oldest of 4 siblings, one of which is mentally challenged. Their mom deserted the family several years ago to work in the factories in another town.  She doesn’t make enough money to come home or send home for the children.  The father works when he is able.  This young man is truly an inspiration to us all. Our hope and dream is to be able to assist him through his journey through University.

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