2015 Celiwe 2 per

Celiwe is 16 years old and in 10th grade.  We first met her in 2008 because of a younger sibling who needed medical care.  She is the second eldest of 5 siblings.  Her mom has passed away and her dad works occasionally when he can find work.  However, when he is working he is away from their homestead leaving the 5 kids to themselves to take care of things. Celiwe is a very quiet child.  She never smiled, talked and always kept her head down.  There wasn’t money for her to go to high school and her father really doesn’t see why she should go; He didn’t go to high school. In 2014 we added her to our “One Child” family. She is not the brightest student, but she needs to know that someone cares for her and thinks there is hope for her future.  She is another child that we are seeing opening up with our love and regular follow up with her. 

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