2015 Mncedisi 2 per

Mncedisi is 23 years old and finished 12th grade in December, 2014. He is a double orphan who, until recently, lived with an elderly lady who was not related to him but cared for him since birth.  Mncedisi is a very bright young man which is a challenge for him because he needs competition to do his best. He likes to read but books are not readily available to him. His favorite subjects are History and Religious Education because they are both based on events and lifestyles from the past and in other cultures. Mncedisi hopes to one day become a lawyer or a doctor because he likes helping people. Mncedisi did fairly well on his 12th grade end of year exams but not good enough in a couple of subjects to go on to University. He has asked us to assist him to get remedial education in those subjects so that he can retake the tests in December, 2015. We have agreed to give him that chance because we think he can do it and be successful. Mncedisi says he is very grateful for our assistance in helping him get his education and that without such help he would not be where he is today or where he hopes to be in the future.

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