2015 Ncamiso 2per

Ncamiso is 16 years old and in 9th grade. He is a double orphan who lives with his grandmother. When we first met Ncamiso and his grandmother in 2008, Ncamiso was very sick. We started taking him to get regular, consistent medical care and his health gradually started to improve and stabilize.  We also provide him with powdered milk and porridge which has contributed to the improvement in his health. His grandmother grows vegetables to eat and also to sell. This is the only source of income available to her and Ncamiso. Ncamiso had to repeat grade 5 in primary school because of his health, but is doing quite well in High School. He is a good student, and a very responsible, quiet and polite young man. Ncamiso is going to study very hard in school so he “can pass with flying colors!”

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