2015 Ncedo 2 per

Ncedo is 22 years old finishing his last year of high school.  He is one of four grandchildren living with his grandmother. I first met Ncedo in 2011 when he volunteered to be an interpreter for a team from the US who were doing a Vacation Bible School for the children at Lomngeletjane Memorial Methodist Primary School.  One Child At A Time – One Heart At A Time funded and project managed the building of that school from 2007 – 2010. He was very helpful and his English was very good. He had just finished high school at that time.  What we did not know is that since his grandmother couldn’t pay for his last two years of high school he couldn’t get his reports.  There was one thing after another that blocked us from getting his grades.  

In 2014 he went back to a different high school to finish his last two years.  Ncedo had worked and saved some money to pay the first half of 11th grade.  In 2015 when we visited with Ncedo and family we learned that his grades coming out of 11th grade we very good but he wasn’t going to be able to finish 12th grade because of the lack of funds again.  We talked to his teachers and the school principal, got the grades from 2014, plus first term results for 2015 and found he was working very hard and doing excellant.  Therefore we picked him up so he can finish.  Ncedo could do anything he puts his time, energy and focus in.

Ncedo wants to enroll in a nursing course after he graduates and ultimately become a pathologist.  He wants to be a pathologist because there is only one in Swaziland and he has seen first hand what the delay of getting test results can do to people.  He would also like to be a role model to his cousins by becoming a professional, responsible man who helps others and his family.

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