2015 Nokwanda 2 per

We supported Nokwanda in 2011 and 2012.  She finished 12th grade in 2012.  With the proof that she finished high school (her results of government testing) she was able to get a part time job at Jet, a local clothing store. Having a job was great but the wage was so low and her limited hours meant she barely covered transportation costs.

In late 2014 she asked us if we would consider paying for her to complete a course in HIV testing and counseling course with the main Swaziland HIV testing organization.  She would like to work in rural areas helping people cope with the HIV pandemic.  After interviewing her and reviewing the information we asked for her to get for us when we were in Swaziland in 2015 we agreed to pay for the course.  Since then she has completed the course and is looking for job using her skills.

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