2015 Nonhlankipo 2 per

Nonhlakanipho  is 15 years old and in 10th grade.  She is the third oldest of four children.  She is quite small for her age and very quiet but she holds herself confidently.  Her mother abandoned the family after the last child was born. We first met Nonhlakanipho in 2011 when she and her family were brought to our attention as being very needy.  At that time we provided school uniforms for the three primary students and got Nonhlakanipho and her younger sister medical care.

Nonhlakanipho is a very good student just like her older brother.  She received a merit pass on her end of the year test in 7th grade. So far in high school she has continued to do well  She is “happy and cheerful” to be going to high school and wants to study hard so she can have a bright future.  Her ultimate dream is to be a Doctor one day.  I do believe this young lady could do it!

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