2015 Nonjabulo 2 per

Nonjabulo is 6 years old.  She lives with her mother.  We first met Nonjabulo when she was 7 months old.  She was very, very sick with TB and malnutrition among other issues. She was hospitalized, put on special nutrition and given a variety of medications and oxygen.  At one point, we thought she wouldn’t live through the night because she was so sick and weak and the hospital had run out of oxygen. Through the grace of God, she survived.

We continue to assist her mother in getting medical care, powdered milk, and a fortified porridge.  The supplement to her diet works, because now she is a happy, healthy little girl.  She started 1st grade in January, 2015.  Her mother taught her how to speak English as well as SiSwati and reads books to her.  Nonjabulo is a real delight and a blessing.  She has the cutest smile and has such an energy for life.  She loves to color, sing and dance and is constantly moving doing something.

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