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Nozipho is 20 years old and in 11th grade.  Nozipho is the second to the oldest of four children.  She and her siblings are considered to be vulnerable because neither parent is working.  When we first met Nozipho and her siblings in 2008, they were living alone in a mud hut.  The mother was estranged from the father.  The father had gone off to the city to find work.  He rarely made enough money to come home and when he did he didn’t have enough money to buy food, clothes or school uniforms for the children or to pay their school fees. 

Nozipho is a quiet girl, but is very kind, helpful and has a good heart.  She thanks God and our supporters for all that has been done for her family, especially to educate her and her siblings because she knows that without an education there is no future. She says “Education is the key to success.” Nozipho’s dream would be to go to nursing school and become a nurse so she can help those who are sick and so she can earn money to help her siblings others get their education.  

Nozipho has one older brother that is now being sponsored in high school by the Methodist Manyano (Women’s organization) and two younger sisters.  Nozipho and her siblings now live with their mother in a good home that the Methodist Manyano, with the help of One Child At A Time, built for the children.  Her mother is unemployed but has a big vegetable garden.

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