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Tiphelele is 13 years old and in the 7th grade.  Tiphelele is the youngest of four children.  When we first met Tiphelele she had a terrible problem with a fungal rash due to her poor nutrition and wearing the same dirty clothes every day. She and her three siblings were living by themselves in a mud hut.  Their father ran off their mother and he was away working but not coming home or providing food or clothes for them.  Her siblings did the best they could to take care of her, but since they were children themselves the rash kept coming back.  We paid for her medical care and brought the family clothing and periodic food parcels.  After their mud hut collapsed during heavy rains in 2009 living conditions got worse. 

In 2011 The Methodist Manyano (Methodist Women’s group), with the assistance of One Heart at a Time, One Child at a Time, built the children a sturdy house made out of blocks and concrete with a metal roof and cement floors.  After much prayer and reconciliation efforts, Tiphelele and her siblings now live with their mother in that home.  Her mother is unemployed but has a big vegetable garden.  Now that Tiphelele’s nutrition and living environment have improved she is healthy. Tiphelele was behind in her studies due to her early life, and had the hardest adjustment to having their mother living with them again. But with time and consistent love, she has improved in school and at home. Tiphelele is very quiet and shy but she has a darling, mischievous smile. 

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