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Tsembani is 16 years old and in 10th grade.  Nozipho is the third to the oldest of four children.  She and her siblings are considered to be vulnerable because neither parent is working.  When we first met Tsembani and her siblings in 2008, they were living alone in a mud hut due to complex family issues.  The hut they were living in collapsed during heavy rains in 2009.  In 2011, The Methodist Manyano (Methodist Women’s group), with the assistance of One Heart at a Time, One Child at a Time built the children a sturdy house made out of blocks and concrete with a metal roof and cement floors.  Tsembani and her siblings now live with her mother in that home.  Her mother is unemployed but has a big vegetable garden. 

Tsembani has always been a very good student despite her circumstances.  She is very, very quiet but a very hard worker. Tsembani would like continued support so she can finish high school and go to university and become a nurse.  Tsembani is very thankful for the opportunity this on-going support has given her and her family.

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