Wandile (Libanti)

2014 Wandile 2 per

We met Wandile (nickname: Libanti) in 2008 through his grandmother who raised him because both parents had passed away. His grandmother was appointed by the Chief to be the rural health motivator in her area.  It is a volunteer position. In 2008 she assisted us in identifying needs in the community and guiding us to the homesteads of those in need.  It was months later that we found out that Wandile was living with her and needed medical attention.  He had had several ear infections that had gone untreated and could not hear.  We made a plan for her to take him to the only ENT specialist in Swaziland.  As they were preparing to go we saw that Wandile’s school uniform shirt was torn and very worn, his trousers were about 10 inches too short for him and he didn’t have a pair of shoes. We bought him a new uniform that very day.  His teachers said he started standing up tall and talking more. It took several months of Dr. visits and medicine before his ears cleared up.  By then he had already repeated the 7th grade several times.  Frustrated, he dropped out of school.  The following year he asked if we would help him with tuition for vocational training to be come a auto mechanic. We agreed.  He worked so hard the first year that his instructor suggested that he go to a more formal vocational school! Wandile completed the course work and received his certificate of completion in 2015.

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