2015 Linda 2 per

Linda is the youngest of four cousins living with his grandmother.  His mother has passed away and his father is elsewhere most of the time trying to get employment.  Linda was 15 years old when we met him in 2011.  He is a sweet kid with a great smile and pleasant personality.  He loved to love to come with his grandmother when we were going out to do some mission work at a family’s homestead or if a team was in Swaziland.  His grandmother couldn’t afford his school fees or bus fare most of the time so we brought him into our One Child family in 2012.  We assisted him financially with school fees, bus fare and school uniform for two years.  Unfortunately we then had to drop him because he wasn’t serious about getting his education.  He didn’t do his homework and was always off visiting with friends instead of studying or helping his grandmother around their homestead.  We keep in contact with him and I visit with him every time I am in Swaziland.  He is slowly growing up and getting more serious, but we have other kids with greater needs and a stronger work ethic so we can not pick him back up.  He will always be part of our One Child family.

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