2014 Ncobile

Ncobile was 16 years old and in 9th grade when we met her in 2012. She is the younger sister of another student we have been assisting.  Her father passed away and her mother makes crafts which she takes to South Africa to be sold. She is a cheerful girl with a contagious smile.  She speaks English very well.  She said she wanted to be a teacher because she likes to talk a lot and explain things to others.  I think she could have been successful at it.  But she liked to talk too much, and I think her personality got in the way of her being successful in school.  She wasn’t trying hard enough and therefore failed miserably.  She even failed English.  After a couple of warnings, we had to drop her.  It is so sad when you see a person like Ncobile who has such potential, but is too immature to realize her potential and what it means to work hard, especially when her smiles get her a long way.  Our hearts are sad and disappointed, and we wish her well.

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