2014 Nondumiso 2 per

Nondumiso was 15 and in 9th grade when we met her in 2011. She finished 12th finished 12th grade in December, 2014. She lives with her grandmother and three other siblings/cousins.  Nondumiso is a a double orphan meaning that both parents have passed away.  Nondumiso’s favorite subject in school is English.  She speaks English very well.  Nondumiso is very concerned about the lack of Doctors and medicine in Swaziland.  She had hoped to one day go to University and become a Doctor and come back to Swaziland to help the Swazi’s. Nondumiso is a very sweet, polite and cheerful young woman. She says her grandmother is her greatest inspiration because she works so hard to take care of people and she encourages all of her grandchildren to concentrate on getting a good education.

Nondumiso doesn’t have the aptitude or skills to go to University and become a Doctor but she has grown and matured over the years.  She has become much more responsible, helpful and reliable.  She continues to be the sweet, cheerful young lady.  She is now thinking of going to a 2 year teacher’s college in Manzini. We keep in close contact with her and encourage her whenever we can.

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