Nonsikelelo was 14 and in 8th grade when we met her in 2012. Her parents had both died so she was living with a paternal Aunt who was unemployed. Nonsikelelo is a child that fell through the cracks.  There is a problem with her birth certificate and her parent’s death certificates so she does not qualify for any government assistance at all.  What this means is that her yearly school fees are twice that of other orphans who are registered with the government as being an OVC (Orphaned – Vulnerable Child).  Her Aunt cannot pay the school fee required even if the child is registered with the government, so double the amount is impossible. She has a medical issue with her throat and asthma most likely due to her living conditions. Nonsikelelo’s favorite subject is English because she recognizes that English is required to succeed in school.  Her hopes are that one day she can be a medical Doctor so that she can help other children who are facing hard circumstances including lack of school fees.

Unfortunately, Nonsikelelo’s grades and behavior started slipping. Her living environment was not good between the overcrowding, general poor living conditions and lack of money or food.  She started skipping school, lying and being otherwise irresponsible.  She failed 10th grade but took off before she collected her reports.  We had given her several chances, but finally in 2014 we had to officially terminate our support of her.


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