2013 Phephile 2 per

Phephile was 10 years old when we met her in 2008.  She has a brother that is 3 years her junior. Their mother died when they were very young and their father died in 2006.  As a result, she and her brother were staying with a family that is not related to them.  Their home situation was not very good. Phephile said when she lost her mother she did not know what death meant, but when her father passed away she was old enough to understand.  Her English is very good which is good because she hopes one day to be a Magistrate  She hopes  to help end the corruption and to help the needy and poor people in her country.  In addition to the funding, Phephile needs to know that someone really cares about her and is keeping an eye on her and keeping her accountable.  She thanks the donors of One Child at a Time, One Heart at a Time for making an education a reality for someone they don’t even know.  Phephile is a bit shy, but once she knows you really do care about her and love her, she opens up like a blossom.

The home situation kept getting worse and finally in 2013 with the help of the school, Thoko was able to find an aunt somewhere in Swaziland.  After discussions with the people who were taking care of Phephile and her brother, an agreement was reached that the kids could go live with their Aunt.  We hope and pray that their situation is better and that Phephile takes the love and encouragement we gave her in her heart wherever she goes and whatever she does.  Best wishes to her.

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