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We first met Samkelisiwe in 2008.  She was living with her grandmother and younger cousins in a mud and stick shack with a grass roof.  She was very sick.  We helped her get appropriate and ongoing medical attention and she began to improve.  She started coming out of her shell and we discovered that she has the most beautiful smile. She is hard of hearing because of her illnesses so doesn’t do well in school, but we helped her stay in primary school and got provided her with a school uniform.  Her mother who was also ill went off in search of employment.  As God would have it, we located her mom working for a ministry up in the hills of Swaziland.  I had met a few people there when I went up to join a mission team in 2009.  I was able to get in touch with them and finally in 2011 Samkelisiwe was reunited with her mother where she is working.  Both mother and daughter are thrilled to be together. Her mom teaches needlework to other ladies which are sold in the little town’s craft store.  It is one of the ways that the little town is self-sustaining.  We miss seeing Samkelisiwe and her beautiful smile but we are so happy for her and her mother.

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