2013 Thobile

Thobile was 19 years old and had been out of school for a couple of years when we met her. She lives with her mother.  Her father is deceased.  Her mother is unemployed but makes baskets out of grasses she cuts down along the roadside for chickens to lay their eggs in. This is her only source of income.  Thobile and her mom wanted her to finish school so that perhaps she could be in a better position to support her children one day.  She lives approximately 10 miles from the school. The long walk to and from school made it hard  for her to study in the evening. She hoped to continue her studies and go on to be a nurse so she can help people deal with and understand HIV/AIDS.  We helped her finish her last two years of high school.  Thobile is a sweet, gentle soul with a winning smile just like her mother!  Thobile is not in a position to continue her education post high school, but at least she has a high school education.  We wish her well.

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