Electric Pump at Salukazi Methodist Primary School

Salukazi Methodist Primary School is about 25 km from Manzini in a very hilly, rural area.   There are close to 400 students enrolled, half of which would be designated as OVC.  The children in this school were prone to bilharzia (also known as Schistosomiasis) a disease caused by parasitic worms in unclean tropical rivers.  They enter the body when people are swimming or urinating in infected rivers.  The river was the main source of water for most homesteads and the school.  In 2010, World Vision dug a bore hole for the school and put in a hand pump.  This was a great first step, however, a hand pump is not adequate for a school to be able to cook for the children and grow maize and vegetables to help feed the children.  In addition there are teacher’s houses on the grounds of the school and they would have to go pump water every day to do their cooking, washing and cleaning.

The head teacher came to me just before Easter, 2011 and asked if I could provide the school with an electric pump.  I told him we didn’t have the money right then but that I would pray on it.  Within two weeks we received two large unexpected donations that allowed us to install the electric pump!  The electrical pump was finished in September, 2011.

Salukazi Methodist Primary School

Hand pump at Salukazi Methodist Primary School

Head teacher Joseph Mdluli inside the pump house with the electrical pump.


The pump house. The first thing we had to build was to build a secure pump house to protect the electric pump.

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