Lomngeletjane Memorial Methodist Primary School

Lomngeletjane Memorial Methodist Primary School is the newest Methodist School in Swaziland.  It started because of the vision and passion of the former Chief Lomngeletjane, a Methodist and now deceased, and a few people who live in the area.  This school is in a very rural, very poor area of Swaziland.  There are many orphaned and vulnerable (extremely poor) children in the area that could not go to the closest school because it was too far away for them to walk to and/or they didn’t have the means to pay the school fees.   Construction of the school started in 2007.In 2008, the first four-classroom was finished and a team from Round Rock, TX came to build a perimeter fence with the assistance of parents and community members.  Construction was also started on a building that would serve as a head teacher’s office, storage for food and building materials.  It also has a large veranda to cook under.

The school opened in January, 2009, which is the start of the school year in Swaziland.  It started with grades 1 – 3.  In 2010 the school increased to having grades 1 – 4 with 112 students enrolled.  In addition, two four-hole pit latrines were built for the students and a 2 bedroom teachers house was constructed.  Two teams from the United States, one from New Orleans, LA and the other from Nashville, TN came in the summer of 2009 they painted the latrines, dug for the foundation, planted trees, repainted window and door frames in the first classroom building, and did a variety of other small projects.

In 2010 we started construction on a second four-classroom building so that the students in grade 4 would be able to move into grade 5 in January, 2011.   In May, 2010 a team from Lake Charles, LA came and dug the foundation and laid the slab for this building.

Foundation completed June, 2010

Completed second 4-classroom block. February, 2011

In January, 2011 Lomngeletjane had expanded to grades 1 – 5 with an enrollment of 152 students.

Rev. Nyameka (L) and Bishop Siwa (R) unveiling the dedication plaque. July 19, 2011

In January, 2012, Lomngeletjane added grade 6 and in 2013 they added a grade 7.

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