Mahlatsini Methodist Church

In Fall of 2008, Chris McLain got a request to finish a small, unfinished Methodist church about an hour and 15 minutes outside of Manzini.  It is in a very rural and poor area.  The congregation consists of mainly gogo’s (grandmothers) and orphaned and/or vulnerable children (OVC).  The congregation of Mahlatsini have been trying to build a new church for several years.  Their old church was a very small wooden structure that finally fell down.  The congregation managed to get the foundation and walls up for a new church but ran out of money and were unable to continue.  Their dream was to finish the church so they could not only have a proper place to worship again but so they could also have a building to have a pre-school for the children and/or have a place where the women in the community could come to do some sort of a money making project to help support the OVC’s and gogos in the community.

I told the person requesting our help that I would pray on it but my first prioity was to finish Lomngeletjane Methodist Primary School.  They said they understood but that they would continue to pray and be patient.  In May of 2009, Richard Bosart who at that time was the director of South African Volunteers in Mission and I went to visit the church and it’s members.  Both Richard and I felt in our hearts that this would be a good project.

In late 2010, One Child at a Time, One Heart at a Time had some money left from building Lomngeletjane so I told the congregation to get everything in order so they could start finishing the church.  When I returned to Swaziland after the Christmas Holidays I told them they had to start working quickly because I would be leaving in August and the church had to be finished and dedicated before I leave.

Mahlatsini Methodist Church  –  May 2009


Mahlatsini Methodist Church was dedicated on July 23, 2011

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