School Uniforms – 2011

In 2011 we bought complete or partial school uniforms for 170 children.  The school teachers selected the children who needed uniforms the most.  In addition, if Thoko or I saw children that weren’t on the list, we added them.  Seventy-three children needed the complete uniform which consisted of:

  • school uniform (tunic for girls, shirt & trousers for boys)
  • a track (sweat) suit (girls) or a Jersey (sweater) (boys)
  • shoes
  • 2 pair underpants
  • 2 pair socks
  • a tin of shoe polish

Those who didn’t need a complete uniform received what was needed whether it just be a shirt or a track suit and shoes (plus socks), etc.  All together we bought 107 pairs of shoes, 107 tins of shoe polish, 214 pairs of socks, 65 jerseys, 67 tracksuits, 115 uniforms, and 230 pairs of underpants.

Article in the Swaziland Observer about the uniform given to the children at Khalakahle Methodist Primary School.

These are the kids from Lomngeletjane Methodist Primary School that received uniforms. We distributed their uniforms just before their school was dedicated.

Children from Salukazi Methodist Primary School. All 16 of these children needed a complete uniform.

In addition a few high school students received all or partial uniforms and about 6 to 10 students at Lutfotja Methodist Primary School received partial uniforms.  Our hope is to buy uniforms for new kids in 2012.