School Uniforms

School Uniforms are expensive when you are living off of what you can grow or make less than the equivalent of one US dollar a day. While a uniform is required by the schools, some children, especially elementary students, are allowed to come to school if they don’t have one.  However, the lack of a uniform especially a decent one, highlights their poverty and/or circumstances and leads to decreased self-esteem.  A child without a decent uniform is often more quiet, withdrawn and more likely to drop out because of the pressure to get one and because they are overlooked.

Examples of the ragged and ill-fitting uniforms. Some uniforms are so thread bare that you can see right through them. I finally caught on that when girls wear their sweater or sweat shirt tied around their waste it is because the back of the skirt is totally worn through. For many children, this and one other pair of “old” clothes is all the child owns.

A little boy was actually wearing these shoes. Since many children walk long distances over very rough terrain to get to school, shoes generally need to be replaced at least once a year. Children never wear their school shoes outside of school.

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