Uniform Costs

The following is an estimated cost of the items which make up a uniform.  Schools ask for two uniforms: a tunic and a skirt with a school t-shirt for girls and a shirt and pants of two different colors (determined by the school) for boys.  The rational is that the student would something to change into when the one uniform is being washed.  For instance, the tunic would be worn on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  While it is being washed on Wednesday or the weekend, the t-shirt and skirt are worn to school.

After the first uniform we provide only what is needed when it is needed.  For instance, a girl might be able to wear her tunic for only one year or it might last for a year and a half or two.  Generally speaking the students need at least one pair of shoes per year because the terrain is so harsh and they walk such a long distance.  It is not unusual for a student to go through two pairs of shoes in a  year. At the beginning of every school year each student gets two new white t-shirts to wear under their white shirts, two pair of underwear and two pairs of socks.  We also provide them with shoe polish in hopes that it will help the shoes last longer.

Approximate School Uniform Costs
Girls Boys
Tunic $30
Skirt $15
T-shirt $20 $20
white shirt $20 $20
Trousers (grey) $20
Trousers (Blue) $20
Tie $10 $10
Belt $7 $7
Jersey (sweater) $27 $27
Track suit $50 $50
underwear $2 $2
Socks $2 $2
Shoes $20 $20
Total uniform: $203 $198





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